This game was originally released to Patreon supporters first. It was a strange experience that I'm still not sure how I feel about and featured a lot of playing around with what's available in Twine. Think experimental horror. Be sure to explore... you might miss the slightest difference.

Development log


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Felt a lot like the House Abandon. Couldn't work out how to proceed in the second 'loop' as it were. Not really sure what I was missing.

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Thank you for the comment! I'll take a look myself. As a hint (assuming it's working) take a look around the living room. Make sure to click anything in italics.

Edit: Aw nuts. Looks like it isn't working. Which is odd, considering I managed to get through the whole thing in testing. Let me reupload!

OKAY, I uploaded a working file! I also removed the Italics. As great as that idea was, there's a weird issue where not all links are affected by that CSS, and the discrepancy was bugging me. Until I learn how to fix that, I outright removed it.

Haha, awesome. Will give it another try!