A downloadable Visual Novel

This is, at this point in time, not available for download, but please look forward to the eventual completion of this game!


Monica, Nate, and Brett wake up in what is either a dungeon or a very damp lounge. Confused and disoriented, they try to make sense of where they are, only to realize that this world they are in might not work the way they're used to. In fact, it might work like a video game, and they'll find out when they're attacked by a mysterious monster.

Your decisions will change what you learn, what you read, and what you face, and, in the end, how you destroy it. Are you a cultist? Are you secretly the last Airbender? This is a good place to find out.

DeBATE is a Visual Novel style game made in TyranoBuilder and used as an entry in the TyranoBuilder Game Jam of 2015. It features a great deal of reading, but will eventually incorporate Point-and-Click adventure game mechanics, Text-based battles, and an ever-changing storyline based entirely on your responses. The ending you get and the bosses you fight will change based off of your decisions, as well as the weapons and abilities you are capable of using. The game is tailored around arguably humorous references to well-known games like "The Somewhat-Epic of Zorldo and Lonk", and other wonky titles.