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The most Generic JRPG you'll ever play. · By Darkovika


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An Update Long in Coming
So it's been a LONG time since I updated this project. I've actually thought about taking the game down since it really doesn't function and it's in super hiatu...
Overhaul! It's Officially "Playable"
All right, so as everyone's probably noticed up until now, Generia's been all but unplayable. I typically upload the project after every livestream- because we'...
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We're back, but Generia is NOT Functional
Technically this isn't that big of an update. Nothing's *really* changed apart from the fact that I've pulled in Yanfly's enemy levels plugin. This is currently...
Latest Updates
During today's livestream, we tackled the somewhat awkward introduction to the game and included some controls so that the user has a better time understanding...
Latest Updates!
So today another update to Generia went up- I think we're at version 13, since I started numbering them. Or V0.13. While I was playtesting, I noticed a couple...
Therese Gets Her Day
Hey Guys! Sorry this update comes so far since the last one. As anyone following this from youtube knows, I've been livestreaming the entire creation process of...
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Play Testing Up To Quest 3
In today's livestream, we had a major focus on play testing. Literally an hour and forty minutes into playtesting a game that has a total of three quests. I did...
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Furthering the Main Quest
Today, during the livestream hosted by MGN, we furthered the Main Quest. The player sets out from Forrestia to find a Knight in Castleton, and after asking arou...