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Sherwood by Darkovika


You play as Vaughn, a young boy who grew up a wealthy lord's son. Sheltered from the world, Vaughn has no clue that the political stability of Nottingham-shire and all of the towns that belong to it is shaken- shaken, and nearly destroyed.

King Richard is away on the Crusades, and in his absence he has left behind a good man, a man of justice, to rule in his stead. Power hungry and jealous, Richard's brother, Prince John, takes the throne and claims Richard's man is a traitor. In the years that follow the people are taxed out of life and home, forced to steal and then die for food, and those with the land and wealth to withstand it are branded traitors. Vaughn's family is one such example, yet another loss and crime that all turn a blind eye to. All but one.

Sir Robert of Loxley is known to many as a fair man, someone who treats his servants and friends kindly is not afraid to walk amongst poorer folk. He takes Vaughn in, saddened and angered by the loss of Vaughn's family- made of more good people- and Vaughn learns to call him by the name that all know him best by: Robin Hood.

Become Vaughn as you join Robin Hood on many of his greatest adventures, as well as a few of your own within the universe of Sherwood and Nottingham. Fight creatures of horror, monsters, and plain old humans in a tirade against Prince John's dark, hateful agenda.


Currently the game is in development by one individual, Monica Prunier, aka Darkovika. Many assets within the game are being used that were created by others, and as the game is further developed these credits will be added to the game as well as to this section of the page. The game itself is being made in RPG Maker MV.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding Sherwood or even myself, feel free to contact me at darkovika@gmail.com. I cannot promise I'll get back to you immediately, but if you have more pressing questions it's actually easiest to reach my from any of the following social media:

Twitter Page

Facebook Page


Recommended Specs

As of right now, these are unknown, but the game will run on most computers made within the last 5 years. As this was made in one of the latest RPG Makers, nothing is required to be downloaded in order to play the game.


  • PC Compatibility
  • Mac Compatibility
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Planned releases for iPhone and Android
  • Companion "Lore Stories" Twine or Visual Novel
  • Familiar Role-Playing mechanics with new twists
  • Simplified Cooking mechanic
  • Secret endings
  • Collectible items hidden throughout the world
  • Heavy story based around Roger Lancelyn Green's "The Adventures of Robin Hood" and Howard Pyle's "The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood"
  • My own original character addition to the original tales
  • An alternate universe Nottingham
  • Romance, Action, and Comedy, as well as Friendship


Action: Z/Enter
Cancel/Back: X
Menu: C
Movement: WASD, Arrow Keys.

The game also has touch screen compatibility as well as the ability to use the mouse to control and play the game. Click on a square and the characters will move toward it.

Sherwood is an RPG reminiscent of Final Fantasy (the original one). There is an overworld, turn based battles, mazes, puzzles, story, and an open world aspect. There are also secret collectables that will lead the player to secret endings.

Early Development

Sherwood the RPG is in very early development. What this means is that there will often be long periods of silence in regards to being able to actually play portions of the game, which I will release in small pieces for testing. There is currently no planned release date as it is too early in development to gauge, but have no fear, a release date is planned.

About Darkovika

So I am a Software Engineer, and I graduated with a bachelor's in science for visual and game programming. Toward the end of one quarter, I started playing with RPG Maker MV, trying to test the strength of its new Javascript capabilities, and I threw together a basic level to work with so I'd have something to test. I ended up spending hours on the project, playing with all sorts of different things, and Sherwood was born.

I am by no means an artist, but I am both programmer and writer.