Storyteller by Darkovika

"Development: This game is complete and can be played fully from beginning to end, but may from time to time be updated with different genres.


You're on a stage, standing before a packed audience. They're waiting for a story- from you! But what story will you tell? And who are your characters? What choices will you make, and how ridiculous will that make your story?

An incredibly short, simple, goofy, and NOT SERIOUS ad-lib style game that focuses on player choices and input to customize the story. The game no longer requires pop-ups! :D

This game has the opportunity to have more story-types added to it. For now, it contains one Mystery story and a newly added Science Fiction Story!

Should you notice any spelling mistakes missed in testing or other bugs, I am more than happy to make immediate fixes.

This game is part of a self-growth series of projects I'll be completing, focusing on the concept of "Finishing Projects in Increasing Scale, Starting Small". Feel free to post what your final story was if you got something really funny or really cool in the comment section below!

Current Genres

Currently, the player can experience an ad-lib-style story in the following genres:

  • Mystery


Currently the game is in development by one individual, Monica Prunier, aka Darkovika. The entire game was made in Twine, a free, online, open-source text based engine, and any add-ons will be done in Twine.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding Sherwood or even myself, feel free to contact me at I cannot promise I'll get back to you immediately, but if you have more pressing questions it's actually easiest to reach my from any of the following social media, specifically Twitter and Youtube:

Twitter Page

Facebook Page


Recommended Specs

It's a browser game, and should run on nearly all browsers save PERHAPS very old versions of Safari and Internet Explorer. So if you're working on Windows XP or a Mac older than Snow Leopard, you may have difficulties.


  • Browser Compatibility
  • Future Updates for Add-On content
  • Short and quick
  • Replayability
  • User Input for different experiences each time
  • You can save... but there's no point to.


Action: Left Click

The game features links that lead to the next portion of the game. This is the only control required.

Open Development

The game is "released" but I'd like to add more ad-lib stories to it so the player can use that data for other game types.

About Darkovika

I am a Fullstack Programmer and Software Engineer, and I graduated with a bachelor's in science for visual and game programming. I have an odd obsession with playing with indie game engines and learning them backwards and forwards. Other engines I've worked in include Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Cry Engine, Twine, Quest and RPG Maker.

Please note that because I'm a Programmer, I really, REALLY can't draw. All of my skill points were divided between music and computers. Art kind of sits with a big fat 0. Sometimes a 1. Sometimes a -3.

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