Generia by Darkovika


You play as Harold, a generic Hero born into a small town in the middle of a forest. He has never been further than his small home town of Forestia, but to the people there he is a Hero. Harold's life revolves around the understanding that he is the Perfect Hero- and he acts like it too, cocky as hell and kind of a jerk.

Until he's put to the test- and then he realizes he's not the Hero he ever thought he was. After a terrible incident, Harold loses everything- faith in himself, faith in the world, and his best friend. The King's daughter is kidnapped by an as-yet unknown foe and carted off for who knows what, and no one is stepping forward to go and save her.

Will it be Harold who saves her? Or is he too broken to do anything except find a Hero who can?


Monica Prunier, aka Darkovika, aka the person writing this- me. I am a Programmer, a one-girl Development team, working in RPG Maker MV to put this extremely generic game together in 7 Days what was originally supposed to be 7 days and we later laughed at because that's such a ridiculous notion. Generia's development is usually livestreamed Tuesdays and Thursdays... if I livestream on Thursdays. You can watch here or here.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding Generia or even myself, feel free to contact me at I cannot promise I'll get back to you immediately, but if you have more pressing questions it's actually easiest to reach my from any of the following social media, especially on twitter:

Twitter Page

Facebook Page


Recommended Specs

As of right now, these are unknown, but the game will run on most computers made within the last 5 years. As this was made in one of the latest RPG Maker engines (specifically MV), nothing is required to be downloaded in order to play the game. You just play it.


  • PC Compatibility
  • Mac Compatibility
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Full gameplay
  • Concise
  • Familiar graphics and gameplay
  • Strong JRPG elements
  • A generic, but interesting storyline
  • The entire process of creating this game is livestreamed.


Action: Z/Enter
Cancel/Back: X
Menu: C
Movement: Arrow Keys.

The game also has touch screen compatibility as well as the ability to use the mouse to control and play the game. Click on a square and the characters will move toward it.

Generia is meant to be the most Generic Game you have ever played. There will be some creativity, but pushing the market and the limits of RPG's is not the goal of this project.

7-Day Development

The idea of this project was simply to be a Project that I am capable of completing. I am not known for completing projects, and personally, it's a habit I've grown tired of. So as of 04/24/2017, for 7 days, this game is in development, and no matter what happens, it will be "finished" 7 development days from that date. It is using stock characters, names, and graphics from RPG Maker MV and is a top-down 2D game. Nothing about this is special apart from the fact that I will finish it, so help me.

HAHAHAHAHA 7 Days, man that cracks me up. That portion of this was written well over two months ago. Seven days, PFFT, right. My a**.

About Darkovika

I am a Software Engineer, and I graduated with a bachelor's in science for visual and game programming. Toward the end of one quarter, I started playing with RPG Maker MV, trying to test the strength of its new Javascript capabilities, and I threw together a basic level to work with so I'd have something to test. I fell in love with the engine.

I am by no means an artist, but I am both programmer and writer.

Development log