Latest Updates!

So today another update to Generia went up- I think we're at version 13, since I started numbering them. Or V0.13. 

While I was playtesting, I noticed a couple of issues with gameplay and fluidity that are kind of annoying. I may have to increase the levels of the monsters, but decrease their health- meaning they can still hit the player well after they've leveled up, but they won't take so long to kill. The health is the biggest issue, but around level 3-4 the player isn't actually getting hit by the bats because the player's agility is too high, meaning the bats are completely useless as an enemy.

I'm also planning to add a section  in the bar that will heal up the characters, plus a cut-scene that explains the Inn can be used to heal oneself. There's a lot of "explaining" in the game that needs to be done since players are kind of just thrown in with no explanation. I also increased the likelihood of bats to drop antidote roots because DANG they poison often, and that poison HURTS. So instead of fixing that, I just increased the antidote root drop rate. 

But otherwise, it's running great!

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