Overhaul! It's Officially "Playable"

All right, so as everyone's probably noticed up until now, Generia's been all but unplayable. I typically upload the project after every livestream- because we're livestreaming the entire process of this game's creation because why not- whether it works or not, for testing reasons. I... was not under the impression, frankly, that anyone outside the community would ever play this, so the fact that there are those who have been has been a little mind blowing. Thank you for the attention, and I apologize that the game's a bit... under-developed.

As of right now, I believe I have, for the most part, evened out my enemies. There's a bit more balance than there was before. Some battles may still not be very straightforward or easy, but at the very least, you won't have a problem fighting with Sir Pent in your party- because of Yanfly's enemy levels script, I was realizing that enemies were- you know- way over-leveled. After tweaking the script, you can now make it to the final boss.

For anyone curious about the light-blue names at the beginning of the game, they represent the people who were there at Generia's birth in the beginning livestreams- it eventually got to be a little too difficult to keep up with that, so they're the only ones in there. 

Not everything is lined out just right. The game is SO early in development it doesn't even count as Alpha. I've yet to put together a proper Credits portion, but just know I haven't done any of the art, any of the music, or pretty much anything visual/audible. All I've worked on is the database, plot, events, and overall concept of Generia.

Thank you so much, and let me know if anything seems out of place!


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Nov 29, 2017

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