The Generia Series

After uploading the latest build of Generia in all of its tiny glory to Itch, I figured I'd give this whole Devlog thing a go

As those who come here from the livestreams know, I livestream the entire building process of Generia. Generia is an ultra Generic JRPG. It is not meant to change the game industry in any way, shape or form, and the sole purpose of Generia is so that I, the developer, may better learn the process of making a game, as well as how to finish a Project I set out to create. I've started a lot of projects, and I've finished... well, none of them, honestly. 

Generia is generic in that it uses all of the assets hand given to you- and some that I've created myself- by RPG Maker MV, the engine that I am using. I chose RPG Maker MV over other RPG Makers because of its deployment process, which for me is way more useful than VX Ace's built in weapons, armor, classes, and fancier maps. Frankly, if I really want all that, I can just... copy it into MV by hand. I'm pretty quick in MV honestly.

You have the four characters MV starts you off with, Harold, Therese, Marsha, and Lucius, and all of the base tilesets that it gives you. The country is called Generia, and the quest is that Harold is going to set out and learn what it really means to be a Hero. Quite possibly the most difficult aspect of this entire game will in fact be the storywriting, which I suffer from. I tend to put too much information- less is more, you know?

So basically, Generia is a learning experience for me as a game developer, and a chance for me to learn how to create the games I have so many dreams about creating.

If you'd like to follow along, you can find me livestreaming the creation process at Youtube Gaming or at Twitch. I livestream most weekdays 5:30pm, usually not on Thursdays. The link to the videos of past livestreams (including sound issues at some times) can be found Here.

Thank you so much for showing interest in Generia!!

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