Therese Gets Her Day

Hey Guys!

Sorry this update comes so far since the last one. As anyone following this from youtube knows, I've been livestreaming the entire creation process of Generia. Randomly, about two weeks ago, I decided to livestream Sims 4 instead, and uh... Suffice to say, i've since reached 9000 subscribers, something I'd been trying to do for months.

It's been wild.

But today I finally got back into RPG Maker MV and a much more lo-key livestream, which I didn't mind (although I'm absolutely LOVING the chaos of the wilder livestreams with Sims 4), and we managed to eke out some excitement for Therese's time to shine. We've given her some abilities- though unfortunately if you're loading up an old save file, she won't have the abilities- and she's a much more interesting character now. Especially as she'll be fighting some crazy Orcs moving forward!

The enemies may no longer be evened out considering Therese's newfound strengths, so if you guys find the game too easy, please let me know. Thanks!

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Jun 21, 2017


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hi you know me its summer woodcook

Awesome! Thank you! :D