Adding a "Secret" Quest

So today's upload and latest version, which is now displayed in the title of the game, has a hidden questline that you can find somewhere in Castleton! If you talk to a certain guard, you'll be sent on a harrowing questline involving skulls, references, cheese, and... pretty much just references. If you can understand all the references of the items, you're a pretty magical soul, and probably somewhere in your 20's or older.

The quest was a lot of fun to set up, though i forgot to continue writing it out as I went. It's essentially a fetch quest, similar to "Here's some honey to take to the librarian where you'll get sugar to take to the king"- it felt good to add it to the game.

Thursdays I am unable to livestream, so the next time Generia goes up for streaming will be on Friday, and we'll look into progressing the main storyline.

Also: Songs I need to check out:

brain power by noma
all alone by grabbitz
Words by Feint
Angels amond Demons by Instrumental Core

Thank you to everyone who came to the livestream! 

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