An Update Long in Coming

So it's been a LONG time since I updated this project. I've actually thought about taking the game down since it really doesn't function and it's in super hiatus mode. If anyone stopping by this page is wondering what the heck happened, or anyone who was looking and watching it in the past, I started this project with a mindset of absolutely not caring at all what happened with this project. It wasn't a serious game in the slightest, and my only goal was to make something I could potentially finish, regardless of quality of story.

Itch was the platform of choice so that my stream viewers could come and test it out for me, point out any crazy bugs I missed during livestreaming the creation of this project. The thing that wound up scaring me was that all of a sudden, people were looking at it and apparently interested in it... And let me just say, I don't think I'm particularly funny when I'm making projects or writing games, so I panicked and started looking more closely at a game that was never meant to be taken seriously.

I've basically avoided thinking about it and looking at it for a really long time, which is a pretty terrible way to teach myself to finish a project. I've since pushed myself really hard and crumbled and been a relatively nervous wreck, and I've pretty much flubbed up a lot of projects. There's a list of things that affected me and long story short, I want to potentially try to get back into this.

Just know that I haven't forgotten about it, and while the project is shelved, it's not dead. I just have to stop being afraid of being judged and actually get to working on a project whose sole purpose was to help teach me to finish projects. Oh, the irony. :facepalm:


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Deleted 238 days ago

Thank you very much for your support, I do appreciate it! I apologize for the late response!